In 1989 Freiderikos Anagnostakis created IFI, the first lighting study studio in Greece. Responding to the most demanding of projects with the highest requirements, the founder of the company, in close collaboration with a group of architects, light designers and experienced engineers, brought in the foreground the importance of lighting design in each architectural study, as an integral part of it.


IFI has realized a series of small, medium and large scale lighting projects by using this functional format, both in Greece and in other countries. Specialized in new technologies, the company continues to this day its course on the lighting design field.
Thanks to a series of trading partnerships with lighting firms, IFI is also engaged in supplying lighting fixtures of the highest aesthetic and technical standards.
Our approach regarding architectural lighting is based on the perception of light not only as a conventional tool for highlighting the architectural project but also as a way to interpret and create different spatial manifestations of the project throughout the passing from darkness to light and vice versa.
Following this approach our design is tailored to the specific requirements of each project with the aim to create new spatial visualizations through the most fitting use of lighting design.
Following the latest technological developments, IFI focuses on the provision and implementation of energy efficient lighting solutions. In this way, the company now holds the biggest list of Led - lighting projects realized in Greece.
Both young and experienced architects along with light designers and engineers constitute the human resource supporting IFI’s work. Each member of the team contributes to the lighting study through his own perspective based on his field of knowledge. In this way, the resulting design responds optimally to the project demands set at the beginning. This team is also supported by a network of external collaborators that participate according to the type and the complexity of each project.