Our approach regarding architectural lighting is based on the perception of light not only as a conventional tool for highlighting the architectural project but also as a way to interpret and create different spatial manifestations of the project throughout the passing from darkness to light and vice versa.

Following this approach our design is tailored to the specific requirements of each project with the aim to create new spatial visualizations through the most fitting use of lighting design.

Field experience has shown us that the outcome is far better when the lighting design is integrated to the main architectural concept from the beginning, compared to the usual approach of trying to highlight the main project features after its completion.
We aim to participate in the first stages of the architectural design process, complementing it with the highest artificial lighting standards. In this way, upon completion all the areas meet their particular design requirements.
The lighting design has to adapt to the changing spatial character of all the parts that constitute a project. More so, in large complexes where the design must dynamically respond both to the scale of the project and to the different requirements of each space. Lighting is used as a tool which demonstrates in each case the particular essence of space while making the transition from private to public and vice versa as smooth as possible.
A variety of software applications are used to provide a preview of the effect that the lighting design will have on the project.
Product selection is based on the specifications and requirements of the study, with the choices made from a wide range of lighting fixtures either imported or exclusively sold by our company. We take great effort when proposing particular fixtures so that neither the overall scope of the lighting design nor the client s options are limited.
The lighting study and product selection is complemented with the energy profile of each fixture. The profile includes an of cost-efficiency relation factor as well as an estimation of the usage time needed for amortization of the initial investment taking into account the energy savings achieved compared to a conventional light source.
The list of the lighting fixtures included in each study are complemented with a set of technical drawings and installation instructions that provide guidance regarding to the position, the connection, the assembly type along with the necessary information for special constructions that might be necessary.
We tailor each lighting study to the individual requirements of the project and the client, either with fixtures that correspond to the specifications or with custom made products. IFI provides all needed services along the design stages from conceptual design and product selection to detailed construction drawings, site supervision and installation of lighting fixtures. We also stand by our clients during and after the warranty period of all supplied products.
Physical presence in an illuminated space gives a fist hand experience of the way that light affects the perception of space while three-dimensional virtual representation is probably the next best thing in this matter. This fact led us to compose a flexible background scene where factory or custom made products and solutions in the form of improvised setups are constantly sampled, tested and evaluated in real time-life conditions.